Tree Radar News

Major Oak, Sherwood Forest


On Friday 4th May 2018 we had the great opportunity to use the Tree Radar to undertake scanning on the rooting area around the famous 'Major Oak' in Sherwood forest on behalf of the RSPB who manage the site. The outcome of the results will form part of the long term management plan to help preserve this historic tree.

Eifel Oak, Hatfield Forest


Working with the national trust we have recently undertaken scans out to 27m from the base of a large oak tree growing near the café at Hatfield Forest. An extract of their article is below with a link to the full article. The National Trust will be publishing the results of the Tree Radar report and how it will feed into the future management of the tree. 

"Using pioneering technology, we are using "Tree Radar" to map the extent of root growth of one of our cherished ancient oaks.  The results will provide a 3D map of the root system so we can see how far out it extends and whether there are any gaps in its health.  

We are working with Sharon Hosegood Associates to investigate the root system of an ancient oak tree.

We are using as a test case an ancient oak which sits by the side of the Decoy Lake.  Known affectionately as the "Eiffel" oak, due to its hollow base and wide ‘buttresses’ which hold it up, it is estimated that this important tree is over 400 years old."

Springwatch 2018

Tree Radar featuring on Springwatch to take a look at the rooting system of the famous'Major Oak'

Tonight (13.06.2018) Spring watch takes a look at the rooting area of the famous 'Major Oak' in Sherwood Forest, filmed during our Tree Radar survey of the tree in early May. BBC 2 8pm or also available on Iplayer. A short video of the TreeRadar survey, the results and the amazing Major Oak itself has been prepared by our partners Sharon Hosegood Associates and can be viewed here

Upcoming Tree Radar demonstrations and events


TreeRadar UK in association with Sharon Hosegood Associates and  Tom Joye of Bomenbeheer in Belgium will be hosting a demonstration course and talk in Belgium on 22nd October 2018. The day will consist of a TreeRadar Demonstration on data collection, analysis, limitations and uses as well as a guided tour of the trees in the local park.