About TreeRadar

What it does

Tree Radar is a specialist ground penetrating radar which picks up tree roots without needing to dig up the ground. The results shows the  location and depth of live tree roots along scan lines, presented in a series of ‘top down’ views (to scale) and a ‘virtual trench’. The results can then be imported in to CAD if required.

Understanding where the roots are enables sustainable design of foundations, utilities and hard surfacing whilst safely retaining the tree. The root density is also an indication of tree health and stability.

How it works

 The TreeRadar unit is a scanning cart with a 400MHz antenna which sends a beam every 1cm down to a depth prescribed by the operator (usually between 2 - 3m, which is the maximum depth). The reflection is recorded in a field computer and then analysed by the latest software, TBA. Water and metal reflect, therefore the machine records live roots which contain moisture, but not dead dried out roots.  

Further details and videos

For further information on Tree Radar, 'How it works' videos and research papers please visit our associated website http://sharonhosegoodassociates.co.uk/tree-radar/results-and-how-to-read-them/

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